Please bear in mind that information contained in this document or any other publicly available content related to Wicrypt should not be treated as a warranty, public promise or commitment as of the product's final shape or functionality. It’s also not any form of financial, investment, wealth management or legal advice.

Neither this document nor any publicly available information related to Wicrypt (referred to as ‘public documentation’) does not constitute any form of agreement or legal obligation between Wicrypt managing team (referred to as ‘Team’ or 'Wicrypt Team') and final recipients, readers or viewers of public documentation.

Before purchasing any fungible or non-fungible tokens issued as part of Wicrypt ecosystem please make sure you’ve either done your own research or sought independent professional advice related to risk related with digital assets, decentralized finance and blockchain technology. Wicrypt Team waives any form of responsibility related to the result of purchasing digital assets connected with Wicrypt products and any risk associated with such purchases.

Any form of forward looking statements, including descriptions, ideas, concepts, predictions, simulations and calculations related to Wicrypt contained herein or in any other publicly available document are not the final representation of the product and can be subjected to future revisions. Wicrypt team makes no warranty that the final product, its functionalities, features and overall utility will be set exactly as in these statements nor will it be obliged to ensure that all written, published documentation or content describing Wicrypt will be always aligned with the current state of the developed product.

Please note any digital assets related to Wicrypt product and internal ecosystem are not (nor shall be treated as) a financial instrument, security or any other type of value-bearing asset. All Wicrypt-related fungible and non-fungible tokens are means of utility and optional governance, intended to be part of digital entertainment. Wicrypt team is not (and will never intend to be) a financial institution.

Please note that our Team will continue to make every effort to maintain up-to-date information about the project through: Wicrypt website: https://wicrypt.com/ Twitter channel: https://twitter.com/wicrypt Telegram community group: https://t.me/wicrypt Gitbook wiki page: https://whitepaper.wicrypt.com/

Please make sure you’ve downloaded this document from the official source (Website or Gitbook page), before you continue reading it. We are not responsible for consequences related to distribution of any kind of misleading information through altered or otherwise modified versions of this document. In case of any doubts related to the authenticity of the document below, feel free to seek additional confirmation on our community channels on Telegram or Twitter.

Lastly, please note that documents, contents or information published by Wicrypt should never be viewed in a context of finality, as they can always be subjected to later revisions, partial or full modifications or deletion, if such is required due to continuous product development and improvements.

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