4.4 Payments

$WNT tokens is used as a default form of payments and interactions in Wicrypt network (although ecosystem participants can choose settling transaction in one of the applicable stablecoins as well).

Choosing $WNT will always remain a more profitable means of payment due to lower provisions on host <-> customer transactions and discounts on hubs/NFTs prices. Please refer to the table below for more details:

Any host determining prices for their services and choosing $WNT as a settlement method will be protected by the potential negative impact of token volatility by the so-called ‘dynamic pricing system’ in which the service price is pegged to the stablecoin value but it’s still expressed in $WNT as a unit.

Subsequently, the price of the service is being regularly updated through Wicrypt oracle using multiple source feeds to prevent any potential exploits. Additionally, price is being double checked upon purchase transaction execution.

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