2.6 Organizational Model

Technical layer of Wicrypt is quite simple, the network is built atop two layers:

  • Layer 1 - decentralized hotspot hubs (micro nodes), powered by the custom firmware

  • Layer 2 - connected clients (mobile phones, laptops, PCs, Smart TVs, Smart Watches and IoTs)

The network is not controlled by any central authority. Anyone can become a host by acquiring a supported hotspot hub router (micro node), installing the Wicrypt firmware and creating a WiFi zone. Anyone within the created WiFi range and a proper device (e.g. laptop or phone) can gain access to the internet and become a Wicrypt user by connecting with the hub.

In future, all Wicrypt nodes will be also connected with a decentralized storage network powered by Filecoin, allowing them to act as cloud storage devices as well.

From a business perspective, Wicrypt network is powered by a native token called Wicrypt Network Token ($WNT). The tokens are used to incentivise hosts for creating and managing WiFi zones, (especially in hardly accessible regions) and as means of user-oriented bonuses such as cashbacks and airdrops.

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