5.4.4 Reinvestment Bonus

Wicrypt host are given unique option of so-called ‘profits reinvesting’. That feature allows them to stay exempted from any Wicrypt commission fees applied on revenue provided that it will be used for a purchase of a new Wicrypt hubor NFT.

Reinvestment logic works in monthly intervals meaning that all funds accumulated in month [n] need to be reinvested for the purchase of:

  • Hardware hub

  • Digital NFT hub or

  • NFT hub rank upgrade

before the end of [n+1] month to stay exempted from the Wicrypt commission fee.

Any revenues that haven't been reinvested will be subjected to a commission fee at the beginning of [n+2] month.

Example: John earned 1000 USDT as Wicrypt host in January. He hasn’t claimed a revenue yet. It is now mid February and John decided to buy another hub for 900 USDT, he used the reinvestment feature and covered the cost by 90% of his revenues from last month. Commission fee that will be effective in March will be applied only to the remaining 100 USDT of January profit.

Above mechanics is based on ‘deferred commission fee effectiveness’ meaning that by default, all revenues obtained within specific months are subjected to commission fee after the end of a next month.

The only exception occurs when the host is claiming the revenue as a profit on his wallet. In that case, a commission fee is applied instantly, upon the claim.

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