3.7 Wicrypt Quality Assurance

Wicrypt is a complex, immense network requiring proper means of quality assurance aimed at ensuring that end customers are always equipped with the high quality bandwidth and uptime, without any unwanted limitations, site censorship or connection speed jammering.

During the initial stage of network development, that responsibility will stay with Wicrypt DAO, regularly monitoring quality of data and adjusting host rewards depending on the results of such checks.

Later on, our network will introduce 2 layers of decentralized quality assurance (abbrev. ‘DQA’):

  • Bottom-up - by allowing any user to rate (from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best) the quality of the services bought from an individual host. The rating of a single user will be weighted (i.e. multiplied) by the actual amount spent by that user on a ranked host’s internet access.

  • Top-bottom - by introducing the DQA rotation system in which every turn, random hotspot hubs are being selected to :

    • perform a quality check of connections offered by nearby other hotspot hubs (hubs chosen for this task are referred to as ‘challengers’, as they issue challenges to nearby hotspots).

    • monitor and report proof-of-coverage for other nearby WiFi hotspots (these hubs are referred to as ‘watchdogs’)

Probability and frequency of being selected as watchdog and/or challenger depends on the number of nearby routers and possibility for one hotspot hub to reach the signal of another. Isolated, single hubs will be therefore excluded from the top-bottom DQA, as they can’t be objectively tested by external hosts. In other words, it’s always better to acquire more hubs and ensure they remain in each other’s reach so they can perform self-reliance checks on each other.

Leaving ratings, and being selected as a watchdog or challenger is rewarded with additional $WNT rewards.

NFT Hotspot Hubs Ranks

As already mentioned in a previous section, everyone who is willing to become Wicrypt host will be able to join the network either as:

  • Physical host (hardware)

  • Digital host, with NFT hub ‘minted’ and stored on-chain as ownership proof.

Both physical and NFT hubs can be acquired in one of the 2 versions: standard and premium(originals). Premium devices are slightly more expensive, but are also connected with a +50% bonus to all rewards participation programs.

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