5.4.1 Host Rewards - Rewards Formula

Since host rewards are affected by multiple various factors, the formulas below can be used for clarification and simplification.

Digital host rewards are calculated using the following equation:

Hdr=(RdDv/Dwp)RwnHdr = (Rd * Dv/Dwp) * Rwn

Where: Hpr = Physical host rewards Rd = rewards drop Pv = % Ratio of physical hosts volume in total sales volume of all Wicrypt hosts Pwv = Physical hosts weighted volume (each hub’s volume is multiplied by its rank weight, location bonuses, user ranking adjuster and quality check adjuster, and a result forms a cumulative weighted volume) Hwv = Total weighted volume generated by hubs held by an individual, physical host

While physical host rewards are calculated as:

Hpr=(RdPv/Pwv)HwvHpr = (Rd * Pv/Pwv) * Hwv

Lastly, each host has a PoS deposit which is subjected to the same rules as staked tokens, meaning that each physical host (digital hosts are exempted from PoS requirement) is also acting as a $WNT staker with PoS deposit classified as staked tokens entitling for a staking rewards drop.

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