5.6 Referral Provision Bonus

Any Wicrypt user can use a mobile application to invite other people to join the network and start using Wicrypt features. There are 2 benefits of making an invitation.

First, 10% of volume (please refer to ‘staking rewards vs volume rewards’ chapter for more details) will be accounted for as the volume generated by referring uses, for the purpose of volume rewards calculation.

On top of this, if the referred user becomes a host, the referring party receives a predefined % of that host revenue (exact % dependent on referring party stake level, please refer to the ‘Incentivisation’ section for more details).

Hosts referred by other users will see the % of the price that will be deduced as a part of a referral fee, and the final net amount they will receive after it’s deducted, so they can adjust the gross price respectively, if they feel it’s needed.

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