5.4 Host Revenues and Rewards

Each host receives two types of incentives - for being member of Wicrypt community:

  • revenue

  • and rewards

Revenue of physical hosts is tied directly to their individual performance - the more bandwidth they sell the better is their financial outcome. Situation of digital hosts looks different - since they don’t choose location of the device and do not have direct influence on size of the sales or quality of offered services, they simply participate in total revenue made by all digital hosts in the Wicrypt ecosystem, based on the amount of NFT digital hubs they own.

Example: Matthew owns 2 Wicrypt NFT hubs; total revenue made by all digital (NFT) Wicrypt hubs for this month was $100k. Since there are 540 Wicrypt NFT hubs in total, Matthew's revenue for this month is equal to approx. $370 USD. On the other hand, John has 4 Wicrypt hubs in different parts of his city. Only one was actively used to sell bandwidth this month.

Amount of data sold by John is 1200GB, his pricing for 1GB of data is $0.20, which means he has earnt $240 USD.Apart from revenues, hosts are also participating in a dedicated rewards distribution stream founded by Wicrypt treasury. The distribution of hosts' rewards is subjected to weighted distribution (please refer to the token economy chapter for more details).

Rewards for all hosts are first divided into two sub-pools based on the total size of sales volume of each of the groups - one pool is divided between physical hosts and other between digital hosts.

Example: Total sales of physical hosts for the previous month was equal to $25 000, while digital hosts revenue was $18 000, total size of host rewards pool is 100 000 $WNT tokens.

Physical hosts will participate in a split of 58 140 $WNT tokens (100k divided by 43, multiplied by 25), while digital hosts participate in a pool of 41 860 $WNT tokens (100/43*18).Physical hosts rewards are splitted based on the individual sales of each host, for example, if reward pool for these host would be equal 1500 $WNT tokens and there would be only 2 hosts, one with a volume of $50 and other with $100, first one would get 500 $WNT tokens and the later 1000 $WNT tokens (1:2 split).

Digital hosts are splitting the pool based on the number of NFT devices owned by an individual.Host rewards are accumulated and claimable once per month. Exact size of claimable $WNT rewards can be affected by the following factors:

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