5.2.2 Staking Rewards vs Volume Rewards

There are two types of distributions streams sustained by Wicrypt:

  • Based on staking score (staking rewards)

  • Based on volume (host and user rewards)

While staking rewards are distributed to the users based on the staking score, volume rewards are distributed based on amount and size (capital-wise), of operations performed within Wicrypt platform.

Following activities will be accounting for a total volume of the user used as key for volume rewards distribution:

  • Total amount of commission fees paid

  • Total amount spent on Wicrypt services

  • 10% of volume generated by all referred accounts

  • Total amount of $WNT tokens purchased through the mobile app

Volume is always expressed in $WNT token, even if a specific transaction is settled with a stable coin (in such cases the transaction size will be recalculated to $WNT using the applicable conversion ratio as of the date of the transaction/operation/activity).

As the staking score gets higher, so does the rewards multiplier, increasing the overall user share in both staking rewards and volume rewards.

Wicrypt sustains two types of volume-based rewards streams - host rewards and user rewards. Details related to host rewards calculation are covered in the ‘Host revenues and rewards’ section of this document.

Amount of received user rewards is referred to as ‘cashback’ bonus, and by default - it can’t be larger than the amount of cashback bonus limit assigned to the user account as per his staking level (please refer to the ‘Incentivisation’ section for more details).

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