4.1 Wicrypt Network Token ($WNT)

$WNT token is an underlying foundation of Wicrypt ecosystem. $WNT is an EVM-compatible token launched on Polygon. Most of the interactions occurring within Wicrypt platform are tied directly or indirectly to $WNT, making it a means of utility and governance.

The maximum supply of $WNT is set as 200,000,000, meaning that unless future DAO decides otherwise, there can never be more tokens in circulation. Wicrypt token is already listed and publicly tradable on Quickswap and MEXC.

More details related to the economy of $WNT and its allocation and release details were included in the next chapter (‘Wicrypt token economy’), while an in-depth overview of detailed token utilities is included in section 5 (‘Overview of other token-based utilities’).

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