3.4 Mobile App

Wicrypt supports both Android and iOS operating systems. The mobile application introduces the following features:

  • $WNT Management - the mobile application has an inbuilt wallet that enables easy purchase of $WNT by using existing fiat or existing crypto currencies like BTC, ETH or BNB.

  • Authentication and Authorization - the mobile application uses a timed algorithm and a public key that generates interval-based codes ensuring secure access of the users to their Wicrypt account and network.

  • Referral Management - Referring account is incentivised by predefined % share in expenses or revenues made by referred accounts (depending on whether referred person acts as a user or a host)

  • Data consumption management - Allows to automatically top-up data balance at good rates. Users can add friends, family or customers to their account, allocate data to them, monitor consumption, and track individual usage over time.

  • Profit redemption - Helps to monitor received payments and cash out revenues on a crypto wallet or bank account.

Wicrypt mobile application is the only way to gain rewards for referrals. Upon downloading the app and setting up an account, users receive their referral code that can be used by anyone else during account setup.

Any referred account which spends at least 200 $WNT on hosting services will get 100 $WNT tokens as bonus. Moreover, each referring wallet will be entitled to participate in a referral airdrop campaign with a total rewards pool of 100,000 $WNT.

100 $WNT referral bonuses will be paid out until the referral bonus pool is exhausted. Wicrypt managing team will publish details related to referral bonuses and airdrop campaign separately.

Apart from referral bonuses, any referred account will be generating passive $WNT revenue through:

  • Commission fees on $WNT bought by referred accounts through the mobile app - part of the WNT purchase fee will be sent to the referring wallet. Mobile app purchase fee is equal to 0.3%, depending on how many $WNT tokens the referring account is staking, the share in that provision will vary from 1/10 to 9/10.

  • Commission fees on every internet access purchase made by the referred account. Depending on staking score, such commission fee will vary from 0.25% up to 10%. Commission fees on these transactions are deducted from host fees.

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